Peregrine Falcon

Falco peregrinus

Status in Northern Ireland:

Widespread and common year-round resident.

Length: 37-47cm
Wingspan: 94-116cm
Weight:   580-1150g


The largest breeding falcon in Northern Ireland with a pronounced size difference between sexes.   Adults have dark blue-grey upperparts (browner in females) and pale underparts with dark barring. The cere, eye ring and  legs  are  yellow  with  a  dark eye.  Has prominent ‘moustache’ marking. Juveniles have brown upperparts  and  show   heavy  vertical streaking on underparts. This is a large, powerful falcon best known for its high  speed  vertical  swoops  to  catch  its  prey  which  typically  includes pigeons, shorebirds, ducks and other medium-sized  birds, but will take a wide range of prey from goldcrests to geese. The peregrine is adaptable to many habitats from the uplands to the lowlands. Usually uses a scrape

on a bare rocky ledge for nesting and readily takes to cliffs, quarries and even tall buildings for breeding. Known to sometimes use old crow nests in trees, but fairly infrequently.

Peregrine Falcon