Buzzard Cam 2015

Welcome to our “Raptor Cam” Project.

In 2015, the NIRSG received funding from the Challenge Fund to design, manufacture and install a remote raptor camera system to create an interactive web-learning and scientific tool. This year we have installed the camera at a buzzard nest in Co. Down, Northern Ireland which had three eggs all of which have recently hatched.

The camera system records footage 24 hours a day 7 days a week and which is then uploaded to the internet to allow you to follow their daily progress until the young (hopefully) leave the nest in June or early July.

This year we have installed the system at a buzzard nest at Mount Stewart Co. Down, where we will follow the progress of the nest, the eggs and the young buzzards over the coming months.

We hope you enjoy watching this species over the breeding season and we aim to film other raptor species in the future.

This project is undertaken by the NIRSG with funding from the Challenge Fund 2015 administered by Northern Ireland Environment Link (NIEL).

During 2015 the camera was installed in collaboration with the National Trust at the spectacular Mount Stewart Estate, on the Ards Peninsula in Co. Down and under licences and permits from both the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) and the Forestry Service NI.

Raptor monitoring work for this project has also been undertaken as part of the Natural Heritage Grants Programme funding from NIEA provided to the NIRSG Raptor Officer during 2014 – 2015.  To find out more follow this link to download the Press Release



You can view the buzzard camera footage in two ways:

1) You can visit Mount Stewart to view the footage on their television screens at the reception area. To find out more about the opening times of Mount Stewart and directions on how to get there please look at the National Trust Mount Stewart Webpage.

2) You can also click on each of the buttons below to access daily footage on the NIRSG web-site. The camera team will be compiling a list of highlights which we also upload to our Facebook page along with some “Buzzard Blog” information.