Data Requests

The NIRSG Collects a wide range of data on raptors and consequently our records are often used widely by conservation organisations, government agencies, planners, ecologists, environmental consultants and scientific researchers.  The NIRSG encourages the use of the data for conservation, planning and protection, but reserves the right to maintain some or all of the datasets in confidence, depending on the observer’s or submitting organisations preferences.

Most data are available as MS Excel or MS Word files although data and maps from some of the older surveys (pre-2006) are only available on paper and these normally can only be consulted in person, or via transcription of data, which can take additional time.

Typically we would aim, to respond to data requests within 10-14 days of receipt, however during busy periods it can take longer.  If you have an urgent data request, please specify this on your data request form.

Some data submitted are kept confidentially and as such not all data may be available.  Please note some species including kestrel, buzzard and sparrowhawk records may be under-recorded in all areas where extensive suitable habitat exists and these data should not supersede the requirement for field surveys for any species.  The project team would welcome any raptor sightings or nest locations during your studies which will of course be maintained in confidence.

If you wish to request data please fill in the form below with relevant details.

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